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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

All are Zoonosis except HIV

Question 40
All are Zoonosis except
a.       Plague
b.      HIV
c.       JE
d.      TB
b. HIV
Park 18th Edition Page 86 (Zoonoses), 374 (HIV)
Ananthanarayanan 7th Edition Pages 327 (Plague), 351(TB), 527(JE)
Most Books
Ä       A zoonosis is any infectious disease that is able to be transmitted (vectored) from other animals, both wild and domestic, to humans or from humans to animals (the latter is sometimes called reverse zoonosis).
Ä       The word is derived from the Greek words zoon (animal) (IPA: zo'on) and nosos (disease). Many serious diseases fall under this category.
Ä       The plural of zoonosis is zoonoses, from which an alternative singular zoonose is derived by back-formation.
Ä       The simplest definition of a zoonosis is a disease that can be transmitted from other animals to humans. A slightly more technical definition is a disease that normally exists in other animals, but also infects humans.
Self Explanatory
The term Zoononis has been further amplied as follows
1.      Anthropozoonoses : Infection transmitted To Man From Vertebrate. For example
Ä     Rabies
Ä     Plagues
Ä     Hydatid
Ä     Anthrax
Ä     Trichinosis
2.      Zooanthroponoses : Infection transmitted To Vertebrates from Man. For example
Ä     Human TB in Cattle
3.      Amphixenoses: Maintained in both. For Example
Ä     T.cruzi
Ä     S.japonicum
Ä       The emerging interdisciplinary field of conservation medicine, which integrates human and veterinary medicine, and environmental sciences, is largely concerned with zoonoses.

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