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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Soft tick transmits Q Fever Relapsing Fever

Question 50
Soft tick transmits
a. Relapsing Fever
b. KFD
c. Tick Typhus
d. Tularemia
a. Relapsing Fever
Park 18th Edition Page 574
Most Books
The diseases transmitted by various insects are
Ä     Anopheles mosquito
o       Malaria
o       Filaria (not in India)
Ä     Culex mosquito
o       Bancroftian Filariasis
o       Japanese Encephalitis
o       West Nile fever
o       Viral Arthritis (epidemic / polyarthritis)
Ä     Aedes mosquito
o       Yellow fever (not in India)
o       Dengue
o       Dengue Haemorrhagic fever
o       Chikungunya fever
o       Chikungunya haemorrhagic fever
o       Rift Valley fever
o       Filaria (not in India)
Ä     Mansonoides mosquito
o       Malayan (Brugian) filariasis
o       Chikungunya fever
Ä     Housefly
o       Typhoid and paratyphoid fever
o       Diarrhoea
o       Dysentry
o       Cholera
o       Gastro-enteritis
o       Amoebiasis
o       Helminthic infestations
o       Poliomyelitis
o       Conjucntivitis
o       Trachoma
o       Anthrax
o       Yaws
Ä     Sandfly
o       Kala-azar
o       Oriental Sore
o       Sandfly fever
o       Oraya Fever
Ä     Tsetse Fly
o       Sleeping Sickness
Ä     Louse
o       Epidemic Typhus
o       Relapsing Fever
o       Trench Fever
o       Pediculosis
Ä     Rat Flea
o       Bubonic Plague
o       Endemic Typhus
o       Chiggerosis
o       Hymenolepis diminuta
Ä     Black Fly
o       Onchocerciasis
Ä     Reduvid Bug
o       Chagas Disease
Ä     Hard Tick
o       Tick Typhus
o       Viral Encephalitis
o       Viral Fevers
o       Viral Hemorrhagic fevers (eg KFD)
o       Tularemia
o       Tick Paralysis
o       Human Babesiosis
Ä     Soft Tick
o       Q Fever
o       Relapsing Fever
Ä     Trombiculid Mite
o       Scrub Typhus
o       Rickettsial Pox
Ä     Itch-mite
o       Scabies
Ä     Cyclops
o       Guinea Worm
o       Fish Tape worm
Ä     Cockroaches
o       Enteric Pathogens
Self Explanatory
Relapsing fever is also transmitted by Louse
Remember the Mnemonic QRS – Q Fever, Relapsing Fever, Soft Tick


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