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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

As per RCH, the Community Health Centre is a First Referral Unit

Question 53
As per RCH, the Community Health Centre is a
a. First referral unit
b. Secondary referral Unit
c. Tertiary Referral Unit
d. Not a referral Unit
a. First Referral Unit
Guidelines For Operationalising First Referral Units
CHAPTER XI : RECOMMENDATIONS : Reduction in fertility, mortality and population growth rate are major objectives of the Tenth Plan. These should be achieved through meeting all the felt needs for health care of women and children by
improving access to services. Approach Paper to Tenth Plan envisages reduction in IMR to 45 /1,000 by 2007 and 28/1,000 by 2012, reduction in MMR to 2/1000 live births by 2007 and 1/1,000 live births by 2012 and reduction in decadal growth rate of the population between 2001-2011 to16.2. The steep reduction in mortality and fertility envisaged are technically feasible within the existing infrastructure and manpower as has been demonstrated in several states/districts. It is imperative that the goals set are achieved within the time frame as these goals are essential prerequisites for improving the quality of life and human development.
Self Explanatory
CHC/ FRU is the critical institution which provides emergency care and plays vital role in the referral system. Currently reported gaps in number of CHC/FRU should be filled by appropriately reorganizing the Sub-divisional hospitals, post partum centers and block level PHCs . The required number of core specialists should be posted through appropriate redeployment of the manpower; wherever adequate number of specialist are not available, bringing them on contractual basis/part time basis may be considered. In order to strengthen the capability for antenatal and intrapartum care at CHC / FRU all the states may take up training of one of the staff nurses in CHC/FRU at district hospital, so that there is a nurse specialised in midwifery is available at CHCs/FRUs to provide antenatal and intrapartum care. Over the next five years efforts should be made to improve the availability of all facilities to manage emergencies at least in selected CHCs by improving availability of anaesthetist and access to banked blood.
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