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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Which of the following is not a death due to suffocation - Throttling

Question 66
Which of the following is not a death due to suffocation
a.       Burking
b.      Gagging
c.       Throttling
d.      Choking
c. Throttling
P.C.Dikshit 1st Edition Page 289
Classification of Asphyxial Death
1.      Hanging – Neck constricted by endogenous force (weight of body)
a.       Mode of Hanging
                                                        i.      Judicial  
                                                      ii.      Sexual (Auto erotic)
                                                    iii.      Lynching (homicidal hanging)
b.      Manner of Hanging
                                                              i.      Suicidal hanging
                                                            ii.      Homicidal hanging
                                                          iii.      Accidental hanging
c.       Position of Noose
                                                              i.      Typical hanging
                                                            ii.      Atypical hanging
d.      Position of feet
                                                              i.      Complete hanging
                                                            ii.      Partial handing (Partial standing, sitting, reclining or kneeling position)
2.      Strangulation – Neck constricted by exogenous force
a.       Ligature Strangulation
b.      Manual Strangulation (Throttling)
c.       Mugging
d.      Garotting
e.       Bansdola
f.        Palmar strangulation
g.      Strangulation with bend of knee / elbow
h.      Foot strangulation
3.      Suffocation – Respiration prevented by mechanical means
a.       Smothering
b.      Overlaying
c.       Burking
d.      Gagging
e.       Choking
f.        Café Coronary
g.      Traumatic Asphyxia
4.      Drowning – Respiratory tract is occupied by some fluid
a.       Dry Drowning
b.      Wet Drowning
c.       Secondary Drowning
d.      Immersion Syndrome
Self Explanatory
Lynching is the illegal execution of an accused person by a mob. The term lynching probably derived from the name Charles Lynch (1736-96), a justice of the peace who administered rough justice in Virginia. Lynching was originally a system of punishment used by whites against African American slaves. However, whites who protested against this were also in danger of being lynched. On 7th November, 1837, Elijah Parish Lovejoy, the editor of the Alton Observer, was killed by a white mob after he had published articles criticizing lynching and advocating the abolition of slavery.
“Dry submarine” is introducing the head of the detainee in a bag to induce his/her suffocation.

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