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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

fuel oxidation serves not to produce ATP but to generate heat is Brown adipose tissue

040. The specialized mammalian tissue/organ in which fuel oxidation serves not to produce ATP but to generate heat is:

1. Adrenal gland

2. Skeletal muscle

3. Brown adipose tissue

4. Heart


3. Brown adipose tissue


Harper 26th Edition Page 217

Chaterjee 6th Edition Page 342





Most books


Thermogenesis is the process by which the body generates heat, or energy, by increasing the metabolic rate above normal. This rise in metabolic rate is referred to as the thermogenic effect, thermogenic response, or specific dynamic action (SDA). Thermogenesis is activated by a few different mechanisms, including supplements, nutrition, exercise, and exposure to cold.


Thermogenesis is the process of heat production. Non-shivering thermogenesis usually occurs in brown adipose tissue (brown fat) that is present in newborn and hibernating mammals and in human infants.


Features of Brown adipose tissue (BAT)

1. a well developed blood supply and

2. a high content of mitochondria and

3. a high content of cytochromes

4. low activity of ATP Synthase.

5. rich in carnitine

6. has the enzyme glycerokinae

Thus the energy obtained by oxidation is not “captured” by ATP, but is dissipated as heat.


The brown colour of the fat is due to the high content of cytochrome

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