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Friday, February 09, 2007



1) Treatment of ADHD involves the following drugs except

a. Amphetamine

b. Antidepressants

c. Barbituarates

d. Lithium carbonate

Answer C) Barbituates

Reference:Nelson 15th Edition Chapter 30.2

2) The following Delusions are common in depression except

a. Delusion of poverty

b. Delusion of Nihilism

c. Delusion of grandeur

d. Delusion of persecution

Answer c) Delusion of Grandeur

Reference: Ahuja 4th Edition page 67

3) Disorientation is most commonly seen in

a. Organic Brain damage

b. Schizophrenia

c. Mania

d. None of the above

Answer a) Organic Brain Damage

Reference: Ahuja 4th Edition page 67

4) Modified ECT is not given frequently in routine practice because of

a. Non availability of anesthetist

b. Myocardial infarction

c. Osteoporosis

d. All of the above

Answer A) Non availability of anaesthetists


5) About Gille de tourette syndrome

a. Upper limb tics

b. Appears prior to 7 years of age

c. shouting obscene words

d. All of these

Answer d) all of these

Reference: Nelson 15th Edition Chapter 22

6) Anitdote for methanol

a. Ethanol

b. BAL


d. None of the above

Answer a) Ethanol

Reference: Tripathi 5th Edition Page 355

7) All of the following are True about Buspirone except

a. Is a Azapirone

b. Produces severe sedation

c. Antidepressant

d. No anticonvulsant action

Answer : b) Produces severe sedation

Reference: KDTripathi 5th Edition Page 401

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