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Friday, February 09, 2007



1) Most dangerous risk factor for preterm labour among the following is

a. Wrong estimation of dates

b. Prior preterm labour

c. Twins

d. Pre eclampsia

Answer : D) Pre eclampsia

Reference: Dutta Obstetrics 4th Edition Page 334

2) Fetal growth retardation is assessed in USG by

a. Biparietal diameter

b. Occipitofrontal diameter

c. Abdominoal circumference

d. All of the above

Answer : d) All of the above

Reference: Dutta Obstetrics 4th Edition Page 686

3) All are complications of illegea/Septic abortion except

a. Cerebral Hemorrhage

b. DIC

c. ARF

d. Bacterial Shcok

Answer : a) Cerebral Hemorrhage

Reference: Dutta Obstetrics 4th Edition Page 176

4) Bartholin’s gland duct opens in

a. Upper third of labia majora

b. Middle third of labia majora

c. Upper third of labia majora

d. Middle third of labia minora

Answer : d) Middle third of labium minus

Reference: Dutta Gynaec 2nd Edition Page 3

5) While delivering a baby by low outlet forceps, the initial direction of pull should be

a. Horizontal and upwards

b. Horizontal and downwards

c. Downwards and Backwards

d. Upwards and Forwards

Answer :C) Downwards and Backwards

Reference: Dutta Obstetrics 4th Edition Page 615

6) Which of the following indicates a poor prognosis in Chorio carcinoma

a. Age <>

b. Pre treatment

c. Previous term pregnancy

d. HCG Value > 10 3

Answer : c) Previous term pregnancy

Reference: Williams Page 836 Test book of Gynaecology 2nd Edition D.C.Dutta Page 332

7) MAC regimen is for

a. High risk gestational trophoblastic disease

b. Low risk gestational trophoblastic disease

c. Ca Ovary

d. Endometrial sarcoma

Answer : B) Low risk gestational trophoblastic disease

Reference: Dutta Gynaec 2nd Edition Page 333

8) The best screening test for Ca Cervix in public is

a. Cervical Cytology

b. Transvaginal USG

c. Colposcopy assisted biopy cervix

d. Abdominal Scan

Answer : a) Cervical Cytology

Reference: Shaw 11th Edition Page 417

9) Most reliable indicator of preeclampsia

a. Urine calcium

b. Serum Creatinine ratio

c. Urine Proteins

d. Serum Uric Acid

Answer : d) Serum Uric Acid

Reference: Dutta Obstetrics 4th Edition Page 240

10) A normal Baby born to a mother having DM

a. Is small

b. Is large

c. Is Cyanosed

d. None of the above

Answer : b) is Large

Reference: Dutta obstetrics 4th Edition Page 303

11) Vacuum Pressure used in MTP

a. Less than 100 mm of Hg

b. 100 to 200 mm Hg

c. 200 to 300 mm Hg

d. 300 to 400 mm Hg

Answer : a) Less than 100 mm Hg

Reference: A Clinical Guide For Contraception by Leon Speroff Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Page 397 “A negative pressure of 50 to 70 mm Hg assures complete evacuation”

12) All of the following can be used in hypertension in Pregnancy except

a. Hydralazine

b. Labetolol

c. Captopril

d. Alpha methyl DOPA

Answer : c) Captopril

Reference: Tripathi 5th Edition Page 517

13) Normal labour delivery can be allowed in all of the following cardiovascular diseases complicating pregnancy except

a. Co arctation of Aorta

b. Mild Mitral Stenosis

c. Ischaemic Heart Disease

d. Mild Aortic Regurgitation

Answer : a) Co arctation of Aorta

Reference: Dutta Obstetricss 4th Edition Page296

14) With regard to Jaundice peculiar to pregnancy, all of the following are true except

a. Acute fatty liver of pregnancy

b. Pre eclampsia

c. Hyperemesis gravidorum

d. Viral hepatitis

Answer :d) Viral hepatitis

Reference: Dutta Edition Page 307

15) Strawberry appearance of cervix is seen in

a. Trichomonas

b. Moniliasis

c. Gonococccus

d. Gardenella

Answer : a) Trichomoniasis

Reference: Harrison 15th Edition Chapter 132

16) All of the following are uterine anomalies except

a. Uterus bicornis unicollis

b. Uterus bicornis bicollis

c. Hematocolpus

d. Septate Uterus

Answer : C) Hematocolpus

Reference: Dutta Gynaec 2nd Edition Page 46

17) Commonest cause of uterine bleeding post partum

a. Abruptia placenta

b. Placenta praevia

c. Uterine atony

d. Coagulation disorders

Answer : C) Uterine Atony

Reference: Dutta Obstetric 4th Edition Page 441

18) Which of the following is commonly present in Preterm Fetus is called as

a. Parchment like skin

b. Abundant scalp hair

c. Lanugo hair

d. Vellus Hair

Answer : C) Lanugo Hair

Reference: Nelson 15th Edition Chapter 79.2

19) Signet ring cells are seen in

a. Krukkenberg tumour

b. Ca Cervix

c. Ca Endometrim

d. Ca Vulva

Answer : a) Krukkenberg tumor

Reference: Shaw 11th Edition Page 462

20) The fact that O blood group father and and O blood group mother cannot have AB blood group child was described by

a. Landsteiner

b. Ronald Ross

c. Michael angelo

d. Da Vinci

Answer : a) Landsteiner

Reference: Ananthanarayanan 7th Edition Page 184

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