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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Middle meningeal artery is direct branch of

003 Middle meningeal artery is direct branch of :

1. External carotid artery.

2. Internal maxillary artery.

3. Superficial temporal artery.

4. Middle cerebral artery.


2. Internal maxillary Artery


Gray 38th Edition Page 1519






All books

Facts about Arteries and Branches

· Aorta

· Right Coronary Artery

o Conus Artery (3rd Coronary)(Right Conus)- Annulus of Vieussens

o R. Ant Vent A.

o R.(acute) Marginal A.

o Posterior IV A.

o Nodal Artery

o Ramus Cristae Terminalis

· Left Coronary Artery


§ L. Conus A.

§ Diagonal A.

o Circumflex A.

§ L. (obtuse) Marginal A.

§ L.Post IV A

o Kugel’s Anastamotic A.(Auricularis Magna)

· Brachocephalic A.

o R.Subclavian

§ (I Part)

§ Vertebral

§ Int. Thoracic

§ Thyrocervical

§ (II Part)

§ Costocervical

§ Dorsal Scapular

o R.Common Carotid

· L.Common Carotid

o Ext.Carotid

§ Sup.Thyroid

· Infrahyoid

· Sternocleido Mastoid

· Sup. Laryngeal

· Cricothyroid

§ As.Pharyngel

· Pharyngel

· Inf.Tympanic

· Meningeal

§ Lingual

· Suprahyoid

· Dorsal Lingual

· Sublingual

§ Facial

· (Cervical)

· As.Palatine

· Tonsillar

· Glandular(Sub Mand)

· Submental

· (Facial)

· Inf.labial

· Sup,Labial

· Lat.Nasal

§ Occipital

· Sternocliedomastoid branches

· Mastoid A.

· Stylomastoid A.

· Auricular Branches

· Muscular Branches

· Descending Branches

· Meningeal Branches

· Occipital Branches

§ Post Auricular

· Stylomastoid A.

· Auricular Branch

· Occipital Branch

§ Supf.Temp

· Transverse Facial

· Ant Auricular

· Zygomatico Orbital

· Middle Temporal

· Frontal (ant) branch

· Parietal (post) branch

§ Maxillary

· (I Part)

· Deep Auricular A

· Ant.tympanic A

· Middle Meningeal A,

o Ganglionic(V) Branches

o Petrosal branch

o Sup.Tympanic A

o Temporal branches

o Anastomatic Branch

· Accessory meningeal A

· Inf. Alveolar A

· (II Part)

· Deep Temporal Branches

· Pterygoid branches

· Masseteric A

· Buccal A

· (III Part)

· Post. Sup Alveolar A

· Infraorbital A.

· Greater(desc) Palatine A

· Pharyngel A.

· A. of Petrygoid Canal

· Splenopalatine A

o Int Carotid

§ (Cervical) No Branches

§ (Petrous) Caroticotympanic A.

§ Pterygoid A

§ (Cavernous) Cavernous

§ Hypophyseal

§ Meningeal

§ (Cerebral) Ophthalmic


· Lacrimal Artery

· Muscular Branches

· Ciliary As

· Supra Orbital

· Post Ethmoidal

· Ant Ethmoidal

· Meningeal

· Medial Palpebral

· Supratrochlear

· Dorsal Nasal

§ Ant Cerebral

· Ant Communicating

· Central branches

· Orbital branches

· Frontal branches (leg Area)

· Parietal branches

§ Middle Cerebral

· Central branches

· Medial Striate branches

· Lateral Striate branches

· Charcot A

· Cortical branches

· Parietal branches

· Temporal Branches

§ Post Communicating

§ Anterior Choroid

· L.Subclavian

o (I Part) Vertebral

§ (Cerv) Spinal branches

§ Muscular branches

§ (Cranial) Meningeal branches

§ Post Spinal A

§ Ant Spinal A – Ant Median A.


· Medial Branch

· Lateral Branch

§ Medullary A


· Pontine Branches

· Labyrinthine (Int Audi) A


· Sup Cerebellar

· Post Cerebral

o Central branches

§ Posteromedial Central branches

§ Post Choroidal Branches

o Cortical branches

o Int. Thoracic

§ Pericardiophrenic A

§ Mediastinal branches

§ Pericardial branches

§ Sternal branches

§ Ant Intercostal branches

§ Perforating branches

§ Musculophrenic Artery

§ Sup Epigastric Artery

o Thyrocervical

§ Inf Thyroid Artery

· Muscular branches

· Ascending Cervical Artery

· Inferior Laryngeal

· Pharyngeal branches

§ Suprascapular A.

§ Supf Cervical A

o Costocervical

§ Sup Inctercostal

§ Deep Cervical

o (II Part) Dorsal Scapular (may arise from ThyroCervical along with Supf Vervical as Transverse Cervical)

o Axillary Artery

§ (I Part) Superior thoracic A

§ (II Part) Thoraco Acromial A.

· Pectoral branch

· Acromial branch

· Clavicular branch

· Deltoid branch

§ Lat Thoracic A

§ (III Part) Subscapular A.

§ Ant Circumfelx humeral A.

§ Post Circumfelx humeral A.


§ Arteria Profunda Brachii

· Nutrient A

· Deltoid (Asc branch)

· Middle Collateral (Post Descending)

· Radial Collateral

§ Nutrient Artery to humerus

§ Sup ulnar Collateral A

§ Inf ulnar Collateral (Supra Trochlear) A

§ Muscular Arteries from the brachial

§ Ulnar A.

· Ant Ulnar Recurrent – Inf ulnar Collateral – Ant medial

· Post Ulnar Recurrent – Spu ulnar Collateral – Post medial

· Common Interosseous A,

o Ant Interosseous Artery

§ Muscular branches

§ Nutrient Branches to Radius and Ulnar

§ Medial Artery

o Post Interosseous Artery

§ Interrosseous Recurrent A. – Middle Collateral – Post medial

§ Muscular Branches

· Palmar Carpal branch

· Dorsal Carpal branch

· Deep Palmar branch

· Anastomose with Supf Palmar branch of Radial A to form Supf Palmar Arch

o Proper Palmar digital Arteries

o Nutrient Arteries to Phalanges

§ Radial A.

· Radial Recurrent A. – Radial Collateral - Ant Lateral

· Muscular branches

· Supf Palmar branches

· Dorsal Carpal branch

· First Dorsal Metacarpal A.

· Arteria Princeps Pllicis

· Arteria Radialis Indicis

· Anastomoses with Deep Palmar branch to Ulnar A – Deep Palmar Arch

o Palmar Metacarpal Arteries

o Perforating branches

o Recurrent branches

· Pericardial Branches

· Bronchial Arteries

· Oesphageal branches

· Mediastinal branches

· Phrenic branches

· (Ventral)

· Coeliac

o Left Gastric

§ Esophageal branches

o Common hepatic

§ Right Gastric

§ Gastroduodenal

· Right Gastro Epiploic

· Sup pancreatico duodenal (Ant, Post)

§ Right Hepatic(Accessory Right hepatic form SMA)

· Cystic

§ Left Hepatic(Accessory Left hepatic form LGA)

o Splenic A

§ Pancreatic branches(A.Pancreatica major,A.Caudae Pancreatic)

§ Short Gastric A

§ Posterior Gastric A

§ Left Gastro Epiploic A

§ Splenic Branches

· Superior Mesentric Artery

o Inf pancreatico Duodenal

o Jejunal and Ileal

o Ileocolic

o Sup

o Inf

§ Ascending Colic

§ Ant Caecal

§ Post Caecal

· Accessory Appendicular

§ Appendicular

o Right Colic(Sup and Inf)

o Middle Colic(Right and Lft)

· Inferior Mesenteric Artery

o Left Colic

§ Marginal Artery of Drummond

o Sigmoid(Inf Left Colic)

o Superior Rectal

· (Dorsal)

· Lumbar

· Median Sacral

· (Lateral)

· Inferior phrenic

· Middle Supra Renal

· Renal

· Ovarian

· Testicular

· (Terminal)

· Common Iliac

o Internal Iliac

§ Ant Trunk

· Superior Vesical Artery

o Artery to Ductus Deferans

· Inferior Vesical Artery

· Middle Rectal Artery

· Uterine Artery

o Azygos A. of Vagina

o Helicine Arteries

· Vaginal Artery

· Obturator Artery

o Iliac branches

o Vesical branch

o Pubic branch

o Anterior branch

o Post branch

o Acetabular branch

· Internal Pudental Artery

o Muscular branches

o Inferior Rectal A

o Perineal Artery

o of bulb of Penis

o Uretheral Artery

o Deep A. of Penis

o Dorsal A. of penis

· Inferior Gluteal Artery

§ Post Trunk

· Lateral Sacral A

· Sup Gluteal Artery

o External Iliac

§ Inferior Epigastric

· Cremasteric Artery

· Pubic Branch ( AOA)

· Muscular

· Cutaneous

§ Deep Circumflex ioliac Artery


· Supf Epigastric

· Supf. Circumflex Iliac

· Supf Ext pudendal

· Deep Ext Pudendal

· Muscular branches

· Profunda Femoris

o Lat Circumflex Femoral A

o Med Circumflex Femoral A

o Perforating Artery

§ Descending Genicualr A


· Cutaneous Branches

· Superior muscular Branches

· Sural Arteries

· Superior Genicualte Arteries

· Middle Genicular Arteries

· Inferior geniculate Arteries


o Post Tibial Recurrent A

o Ant Tibial Recurrent A

o Muscualr branches

o Ant Medial Malleolar Artery

o Ant Lateral Malleolar Artery


§ Tarsal Arteries

§ Arcuate Artery

§ First Dorsal metatarsal Artery


o Circumflex Fibular Artery

o Peroneal Artery

§ Muscular

§ Nutrient Artery to Fibula

§ Perforating Branch

o Nutrient Artery of Tibia

§ Muscualr

§ Communicating branch of Posterior Tibia

§ Medial Malleolar branches

§ Calcaneal branches

o Medial Plantar A

o Lateral Plantar Artery


Middle meningeal artery is a branch of the first part of Maxillary Artery


Middle Meningeal Artery is the largest of the meningeal arteries and it ascends between the sphenomandibular ligament and lateral pterygoid, passes between the roots of the auriculotemporal nerve and may lie lateral to the tensor veli palatini before entering the cranial cavity through the foramen spinosum.


Branches of External Carotid artery can be remembered with the following Mnemonic



Superior Thyroid Artery



Lingual Artery



Posterior AuricularArtery



Facial Artery



Occipital Artery



Ascending Pharyngeal Artery






Superficial Temporal Artery

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