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Friday, February 09, 2007



1) Treatment of Intracapsular fracture neck of femur in adult

a. Skeletal traction

b. POP SPica

c. Excision of head of femur

d. Closed reduction and internal fixation

Answer c) Excision of Head of Femur

Reference: Apley 8th Edition Page 686

2) Dr.S.M.Tuli associated with

a. internal fixation

b. conservative treatment of caries spine

c. Radical treatment of spine

d. Operation for Club Foot

Answer b) Conservative Treatment of Caries Spine

Reference: Ebnezar 3rd Edition Page 501

3) Most common complication of Anterior dislocation of shoulder is

a. Recurrent dislocation

b. Myositis ossificans

c. Osteoarthritis

d. Avascular necrosis of head of humerus

Answer a) Recurrent Dislocation

Reference: Apley 8th Edition Page 290

4) Not a complication of colle’s fracture

a. Non Union

b. Mal Union

c. Sudeck’s osteodystropy

d. EPL Rupture

Answer a) Non Union

Reference: Apley 8th Edition Page 617

5) Genu varum is die to

a. Bowing of Knee

b. Bowing of Tibia

c. Bowing of Femur

d. Injury to pelvis

Answer a) Bowing of Knee

Reference: Apley 8th Edition Page 458

6) Mallet finger is

a. Fracture of Proximal phalanx

b. Capsular rupture of PIP Joint

c. Rupture of flexor tendon

d. Rupture of extensor digitorum profundus slip

Answer d) Rupture of extensor digitorum profundus slip

Reference: Apley 8th Edition Page 632

7) Caries spine most common area affected

a. Cervical

b. Dorsal

c. Lumbar

d. None of the above

Answer b) Dorsal

Reference: Ebnezar 3rd Edition Page 503

8) Which of the following is a Tumour of bone origin

a. Osteoma

b. Myeloma

c. Leukemia

d. None

Answer a) Osteoma

Reference: Apley 8th Edition Page 176

9) An eight year old boy presents with back pain and mild fever. His plain X Ray of the dorsolumbar spine reveals a solitary collapsed dorsal vertebra with preserved disc spaces. There was no associated soft tissue shadow. The most likely diagnosis is

a. Ewing 's sarcoma.

b. Tuberculosis.

c. Histiocytosis.

d. Metastasis.

Answer 3. Histiocytosis.

Reference Nelson Chapter 660 OP Ghai 5th Edition Page 473

10) Kinebock's disease is due to avascular necrosis of:

a. Femoral neck.

b. Medial cuneiform bone.

c. Lunate bone.

d. Scaphoid bone.

Answer 3. Lunate bone.

Reference Apley 8th Edition Pg-101