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Friday, February 09, 2007

TNPG 2005 Medicine


1) Treatment of refractive resistant multiple myeloma

a. Thalidomide

b. melfalan

c. Steroids

d. Vincristine

Answer c) Steroids

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition Page 660

2) Best indicatior of diabetic nephropathy of NIDDM patient less than 10 years duration is

a. End Stage Renal disease

b. Raised urea creatinine

c. Microalbuminuria

d. None of the above

Answer : Microalbuminuria

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition Page 1688

3) Which of the Following is not associated with bone marrow

a. Multiple myeloma

b. Osteosarcoma

c. Acute Myeloid Leukemia

d. CLL

Answer b) Bone Marrow

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition Page 560

4) All are true about Botulism except

a. Botulism is a paralytic disease

b. that begins with cranial nerve involvement and progresses caudally to involve the extremities.

c. It is caused by potent protein neurotoxins elaborated by Clostridium tetani

d. Of the eight distinct toxin types described (A, B, C1, C2, D, E, F, and G), all except C2 are neurotoxins

Answer : It is caused by potent protein neurotoxins elaborated by Clostridium tetani

Reference: Harrison 15th Edition Chapter 144

5) Inflamed , bleeding spongy Gums are seen in deficiency of

a. Vitamin C

b. Vitamin B6

c. Viamin B12

d. Folic Acid

Answer :a) Vitamin C

Reference: Harrison 15th Edition Chapter 75

6) Stria are seen commonly in

a. Cushings

b. Dwarfism

c. Hypothyrodism

d. Pheochromocytoma

Answer : a) Cushing’s disease

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition Page 2134

7) Upper and Lower quadrantanopia may be casued by

a. Parietal lobe tumor

b. Frontal lobe tumor

c. Both

d. None

Answer c) Both

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition Page

8) 11 pairs of ribs are seen in

a. Down’s syndrome

b. Turner’s syndrome

c. Trisomy 16-17

d. Klippel Feil Syndrome

Answer c) Trisomy 16-17

Reference: Edward’s syndrome aer Trisomy 16-18 are used as synonyms . Though 11 / 13 pairs of ribs can be seen in Down’s, they are more common in Edwards

9) No of days needed for reticulocystosis following iron therapy

a. 2nd day

b. 8th day

c. 16th day

d. 18th day

Answer a) 2nd day

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition

10) Treatment for Addision’s disease

a. Hydrocortisone

b. Etomidate

c. Both

d. None

Answer a) Hydrocortisone

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition

11) Following are Criteria for Rheumatoid arthritis except

a. morning stiffness for half hour

b. simultaneous 3 joints involved

c. asymmetrical joint involvement

d. small joints are affected

Answer c) Asymmetrical involvement

Reference: Harrison 15th Edition Chapter 312

12) Non modifiable risk factor for Atherosclerosis is

a. High Cholesterol diet

b. Sedantary life style

c. Smoking

d. Lipoprotein a

Answer d) Lipoprotein a

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition

13) Sign which does not indicate Secondary hypertension

a. Renal Bruit

b. Acromegaly

c. Hypercalcemia

d. Diabetes

Answer d) Diabetes

Reference: Harrison 15th Edition chapter 246

14) Chronic diarrhea results in the following acid base imbalance

a. Normal anion gap metabolic acidosis

b. Metabolic alkalosis

c. Increased anion gap metabolic acidosis

d. Respiratory acidosis

Answer a) Normal anion gap metabolic acidosis

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition

15) Cardiac enzyme elevated after MI

a. CPK

b. LDH

c. Troponin

d. All of the above

Answer d) All of the above

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition

16) Giant a waves in JVP is formed by all of the following except

a. Tricuspid Stenosis

b. Tricuspid Atresia

c. Pulmonary Stenosis

d. Atrial Fibrillation

Answer d) Atrial Fibrillation

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition

17) All of the following cause Right Ventricular Hypertrophy except

a. Pulmonary Stenosis

b. Pulmonary Hypertension

c. Tetralogy of Fallot

d. Tricuspid Stenosis

Answer d) Tricuspid Stenosis

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition

18) Consistent finding in Pulmonary Embolism

a. Tachycardia

b. P2 loud

c. Both

d. None

Answer c) Both

Reference: Harrison 15th Edition Chapter 261

19) Pulmonary air embolism occurs with excess of

a. 30 ml

b. 50 ml

c. 100 ml

d. 10 ml

Answer c) 100 ml of air

Reference: Harrison 16th Edition (The actual data is amount of air per second. For example 70 ml of air pushed in 1 second is more dangerous than 2 ml of air every second for one hour)

20) Primary Raynaud syndrome commonly affects

a. Large Arteries

b. Upper limb arteries

c. Venules

d. Capillaries

Answer a) Upper Limb arteries

Reference: Surgical Short Cases Das 2nd Edition Page 211

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