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Friday, February 09, 2007



1) The most common diagnosis in a young boy with history of profuse nasal bleeding is

a. Juvenile Naso pharyngeal angiofibroma

b. Nasal polyp

c. Deviated nasal septum

d. Cirrhosis

Answer : a) Juvenile Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma

Reference: Dhingra 3rd Edition Page 299

2) Left sided vocal cord palsy is commonly due to

a. Left hilar bronchial carcinoma

b. Mitral Stenosis

c. Thyroid Malignancy

d. Thyroid Surgey

Answer : a) Left hilar bronchial carcinoma

Reference: Dhingra 3rd Edition Page 360

3) Why vocal cord pale

a. Vocal cord is muscle, lack of blood vessels network

b. Absence of mucosa, no blood vessels

c. absence of sub mucosa, no blood vessels

d. absence of mucosa with blood vessels

Answer : c) absence of sub mucosa, no blood vessels

Reference: Gray 38th Edition Chapter on larynx

4) Presbyacusis is

a. Age associated vision loss

b. Age associated hearing loss

c. Both

d. None

Answer : b) Age associated hearing loss

Reference: Dhingra 3rd Edition Page 47

5) Acoustic dip in audiogram in noise induced hearing loss is at

a. 4 KHz

b. 3 KHz

c. 2 KHz

d. 1 KHz

Answer : a) 4 KHz

Reference: Dhingra 3rd Edition Page 46

6) False positive fistula test

a. Perilymph fistula

b. Malignant sceloris

c. Congenital syphilis

d. Cholesteatoma

Answer : c) Congenital Syphilis

Reference: Dhingra 3rd Edition Page 53

7) Reaction time for tymphanic reflex is

a. 20 to 30 ms

b. 30 to 40 ms

c. 40 to 160 ms

d. 600 to 800 ms

Answer : c) 40 to 160 ms

Reference: ganong 22nd Edition Page 179

8) Columella effect is seen in

a. Tympanoplasty

b. Septoplasty

c. Tracheostomy

d. None of the above

Answer : a) Tympanoplasty

Reference: Dhingra 3rd Edition Page 40