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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Barberio’s test is used to detect semen

074. Which of following tests is used to detect semen?

1. Phenolphthalein test

2. Reine’s test

3. Barberio’s test

4. Paraffin test


3. Barberio’s test


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The tests used for Chemical Examination of seminal fluid are

Ä Florence test : dark brown crystals due to the formation of chlorine periodide

Ä Barberio’s test (Barbario) : tests spermine in semen, with picric acid

Ä Acid Phosphatase test : Quantitative test

Ä Test for Creatine Phosphokinase : Levels of more than 400 units/ml

Ä Choline and Spermine Test

Ä Gel Electrophoresis test :

Ä LDM Isoenzyme Method

Ä Acid Phosphatase Isoenzyme Test

Ä Ammonium Molybdate Test (Phosphorus)

Ä Semen Specific Glycoprotein (P30 ) Test

Ä Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), the SEMA® assay, for a seminal vesicle-specific antigen (SVSA)


1. Phenolphthalein test (Kastle Meyer test), Benzedine test, Leucomalachite green test, Orthotolidine (Blue or green) test (Kohn and O’kelly test) and Luminal test are used to detec blood

2. Reine’s test ??? - Rinne's test compares the patients ability to hear a tone conducted via air and bone - the mastoid process.

3. Barberio’s test is to detect semen.

4. Paraffin test (also known as the dermal nitrate test) uses the reagent diphenylamine to detect gun powder


Basis of Berberio’s Test: Detection of Spermine

Procedure: A few drops of Berberio’s reagent when added to spermatic fluid produces crystals of sperm in picrate (needle shaped, rhombic & of yellow colour).

For various valid reasons, like non-specificity and lack of reproducibility, the florence and berberio’s tests have not been accepted universally.


Semen consist of the following

1. Spermatozoa (10%)

2. Seminal Plasma (90%)

3. Epithelial Cell (<>


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