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Thursday, March 01, 2007

TNPG 2006 Anaesthesia


219) Ether day was

a. 1846 16th Oct

b. 1846 16th Aug

c. 1847 16th Oct

d. 1847 16th Aug

Answer (a) 1846 Oct 16th

Reference Ajay Yadav Page 16

220) Epileptogenic Anaesthetic Agent is

a. Enflurane

b. Nitrous Oxide

c. Ether

d. None of the above

Answer (a) Enflurane

Reference: Ajay Yadav 61

221) A potent and Long Acting LA is

a. Bupivacine

b. Procaine

c. Lignocain

d. None of the above

Answer (a) Bupivacine

Reference: KDTripathi 5th Edition Page 326

222) All of the following are used for Surface Anaesthesia Except

a. Cocaine

b. Prilocaone

c. Lidocaine

d. Bupivacine

Answer (a) Bupivacine

Reference : KDTripathi 5th Edition Page 324, 327

223) During General Anaesthesia, Functional Residual Capacity decreases by

a. 5 %

b. 5 to 10 %

c. 10 to 15 %

d. 15 to 20 %

Answer (d) 15 to 20 %

Reference: Ajay Yadav 1st Edition Page 7

224) Which is incorrect about CVP

a. Seldinger’s technique is used

b. Ideal vessel is Radial Artery

c. Normal CVP is 3 to 10 cm of H2O or 2 to 8 mm of Hg

d. CVP more than 20 mm of H2O indicates Right Heart Failure

Answer (b) Ideal Vessel is Radial Artery

Reference: Ajay Yadav 1st Edition Page 46

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