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Monday, December 15, 2008

The following are trypsin inhibitors alpha - 1 Anti trypsin alpha-1-anti proteinase Egg-white

Question 34
The following are trypsin inhibitors except..
a.       alpha - 1 Anti trypsin
b.      alpha-1-anti proteinase
c.       Enterokinase
d.      Egg-white
c. ENterokinase
Harper 27th Edition Page 597
Chaterjee 6th Edition Page 398
Most Book
Trypsin is a proteinase. And can hydrolyze a peptide bond formed by the carbonyl group of a lysine residue on trypsinogen, converting the latter to trypsin and inactive hexapeptide
a.       alpha - 1 Anti trypsin is the principal serine protease inhibitor of human plasma. It inhibits trypsin, elastase and certain other proteases forming complexes with them.
b.      alpha-1-anti proteinase is the new name for alpha - 1 Anti trypsin
c.       Enterokinase activates trypsinogen into trypsin in the presence of Calcium
d.      Egg-white is a trypsin inhibitor
Other trypsin inhibitors are
·        Human and bovin Colostrum
·        Raw SOyabeans
·        DFP (Di Iso propyl fluoro phosphate
Trypsin can be activated (ie trypsinogen converted to trypsin) by
·        Enterokinase
·        Trypsin itself (Autocatalytically)

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