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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scab or Crust of abrasion appears brown Between 2-3 days

073. Scab or Crust of abrasion appears brown:

1. Between 12-24 hours

2. Between 2-3 days

3. Between 4-5 days

4. Between 5-7 days


2. Between 2-3 days


Parikh 6th Edition Page 4.3

Apoorva Nandy 1st Edition Page 213

Reddy 17th Edition Page 138






All Books


From abrasions, the time of assault can be roughly assessed

Ä When fresh, an abrasion is red with evidence of oozing of serum and a little blood. There is no scab

Ä By 8 to 24 hours, there is a reddish scab formation

Ä By 2nd and 3rd day, the scab is reddish brown

Ä By 4th and 5th Day, it is dark brown

Ä By 6th Day, it is blackish and it starts falling off from the margins. Epithelium grows underneath the scab

Ä After 7 Days, Scab dries, shrinks and falls off.

Ä By A big scab may take a few more days to fall off


Self Explanatory


Except Apoorva Nandy, the other books do not talk about the 4th and 5th Day evolution of scab


Difference between antemortem and post mortem abrasion


Antemortem abrasion

Post mortem abrasion


Anywhere on the body

Usually over bony prominences


Bright reddish brown

Yellowish, translucent and parchment like


More; scab slightly raised

Less; Scab often lies slightly below the level of the skin

Microscopic feature

Intravital reaction and congestion seen

No intravital reaction and no congestion

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