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Thursday, March 01, 2007

TNPG 2006 Obstetrics and Gynaecology


169) Inhibin suppresses

a. FSH

b. Mineralocorticoids

c. Insulin

d. Heart Rate

Answer (a) FSH

Reference: Ganong 22nd Edition Page 433

170) Abortion is defined as expulsion of fetus

a. Before Viability

b. Before 28 weeks

c. Any of the above

d. None of the above

Answer (a) Before Viability

Reference: Dutta Obstetrics 4th Edition Page 171

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before the period of viability which is considered to occur at 28th Week. However for international acceptance, the limit of viability is brought down to either 20th week or fetus weighing 500 gm. If the expelled fetus weighs less than 500 gm, it is called abortus. The term miscarriage, which is mostly used, is synonymous with abortion

171) Etiology for Transverse Lie

a. Subseptate Uterus

b. Arcuate Uterus

c. Both

d. None

Answer (c) Both

Reference: DUtta obstetrics 4th Edition Page 423

172) IUGR in USG is diagnosed and assessed by

a. Head to abdomen and Femur to Abdomen Ration

b. Ponderal Index

c. Amniotic Fluid Index

d. All of the above

Answer (d) All of the above

Reference: Dutta obstetrics 4th Edition Page 498

Note : In the past years, the questions have also asked the Single Best Finding in USG to detect IUGR

173) Most Common Polyp In Uterus is

a. Mucous Polyp

b. Fibroid Polyp

c. Placental Polyp

d. Malignant Polyp

Answer (a) Mucous Polyp

Reference: Dutta Gynaecology 2nd Edition Page 260

174) SION Test is done

a. During Menstruation

b. On the 10th Day

c. Post Ovulatory

d. On the 21st Day

Answer (c)Post Ovulatory

Reference: Dutta Gynecology 2nd Edition Page 219

Sonosalpingography (visualization of the fallopian tubes with ultrasound) using a variety of media (saline, albuminex, air) has been investigated as a way to document tubal patency or the presence of hydrosalpinges. Apparently the use of special media (such as suspensions of galactose microparticles) is helpful for consistently visualizing tubal passage. A Sion procedure was described (from the Sion Hospital in India) in which the cul de sac behind the uterus (a potential space also called the pouch of Douglas) is filled with about 300 cc of sterile normal saline to better visualize patency of the tubes, tubal motility and peritubal pathology. The available information on the use of these techniques for documenting tubal patency and presence of hydrosalpinges is conflicting, with many pioneers in this field finding the sensitivity of this technique disappointing for the diagnosis of tubal pathology.

The Sion procedure involves instillation of the pouch of Douglas with approximately 300ml of sterile normal saline to elucidate not only the patency of the fallopian tube but visualise the motility, the fimbriae, and peritubal adhesions if present

Dr.Gautam Allahbadia, was awarded the Dr. Kumud Tamaskar Prize for the year 1991 by FOGSI for original research work in infertility - “The Sion Procedure- A new procedure for evaluation of tubal status”. “The Sion Test” was published as ‘Article this month’ in “THE PULSE” official publication of the Bandra Khar Medical association, 15th March, 1992.

175) All of the following are Remnants of Wolfian duct except

a. Gartners Cyst

b. Organ or Giraldes

c. Pedunculated Hydatid of Morgagni

d. Sessile Hydatid of Morgagni

Answer (d) Sessile Hydatid of Morgagni

Reference: Das, Concise Textbook of Surgery, 3rd Edition Page 1278

176) A 20 year old woman gives a history of sharp pain in the lower abdomen for 2-3 days every month approximately 2 weeks before the menses. The most probable etiology for her pain is:

a. Endometriosis.

b. Dysmenorrhea.

c. Pelvic tuberculosis.

d. Mittelschmerz.

Answer d. Mittelschmerz.

Reference Shaw 12th Edition Page 229

177) In adult Female Gonorrhea Affects all Except

a. Vagina

b. Uterus

c. Cervix

d. Urethera

Answer (a) Vagina

Reference: Ananthanarayanan 7th Edition Page 227

The vaginal mucosa is not usually affected in adults because the stratified epithelium is resistant to infection by the cocci and also because of the acidic pH of the vaginal secretions. However vulvovaginitis occurs in prepubertal girls

178) Fallopian Tube Ideal Site For Sterlisation where occlusion is done is

a. Isthumus

b. Ampulla

c. Fibriae

d. Infundibulum

Answer (a) Isthumus

Reference: Dutta Gynaecology 2nd Edition Page 440

179) Pap Smear Can identify Ca Cervix in how many percentage of cases

a. 50%

b. 98%

c. 2 %

d. 20 %

Answer (b) 98 %

Reference: Dutta Gynaecology 2nd Edition Page 108

180) Late Deceleration occurs in

a. Head Compression

b. Cord Compression

c. Chronic Placental Insufficiency

d. None of the above

Answer (d) None of the above

Reference: Dutta obstetrics 4th Edition Page 654




Early Deceleration

Head Compression

Late Deceleration

Chronic Placental insufficiency

Variable Deceleration

Cord Compression

181) About the interpretation of intrapartum cardiotocograph

a. Baseline Heart Rate is between 120 to 160 beats per minute

b. Baseline variability is between 5 to 25 beats per minute

c. Deceleration is decreases in Fetal Heart Rate below the base line by 15 bpm or more

d. All are correct

Answer (d) All are correct

Reference: Dutta obstetrics 4th Edition Page 653

182) Contraindication for LSCS

a. Carcinoma Cervix

b. Placenta Praevia

c. Repair of difficult and High VVF

d. All of the above

Answer (d) All of the above

Reference: Dutta Obstetrics 4th Edition Page 634

183) Gestational Age in Pregnancy is calculated by

a. Nine months + 7 days

b. Nine lunar months

c. 280 days

d. All The Above

Answer : (d) All of the above

Reference: Dutta Obstetrics 4th Edition Page 66

184) Progress of Labour is monitored by

a. Cervix Dilatation

b. Descent

c. Maternal Pulse

d. All of the above

Answer (d) All of the above

Reference: Dutta Obstetrics 4th Edition Page 137

185) Trichomonas Vaginalis is treated with

a. Metronidazole

b. Clotrimazole

c. Both

d. None

Answer (c ) Both

Reference: Dutta Gynaecology 2nd Edition Page 151

186) Broad Ligmaent that extends from the infundibulum of the Fallopian tube to the lateral pelice wall is called as

a. Infundibulo Pelvic Ligament.

b. Suspenspory ligament of ovary

c. Both

d. None

Answer (c ) Both

Reference: Dutta Gynaecology 2nd Edition Page 22

187) Example of Anti Androgen is

a. Danazol

b. Flutamide

c. Both

d. None

Answer (b) Flutamide

Reference: KD Tripathi 5th Edition Page 272

188) Oligospermia means

a. No semen

b. No sperm in semen

c. Dead Sperm

d. Sperm count of less than 20 million

Answer (d ) Sperm count of less than 20 million

Reference: Dutta Gynaecology 2nd Edition Page 215



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