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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Corporo basal index is used to determine Sex

Question 65
Corporo basal index is used to determine
a. Race
b. Sex
c. Age
d. Stature
b. Sex
Reference :
PC Dikshit 1st Edition Page 69 : Table 5.14 Difference between Male and Female Sacrum
Narayana Reddy 17th Edition Page 50 Table 4-4. Traits diagnostic of Sex
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New from Repeated Topic
Corporobasal index =
Breadth of first sacral vertebra x 100
Breadth of the base of sacrum
This is equal to 45 in Males and 40.5 in females
The various indices that are related to sacrum and those that can be used for sex differentiation are
1)             Sacral index :
2)             Curvature index :
3)             Index of body of Ist Sacral vertebra :
4)             Corporo-basal index:
5)             Alar index :
6)             Auricular index :
7)             Width of sacrum
Those interested can refer to the following paper
J Anat. Soc. India 52(2) 132-136 (2003)
Identification Of Sex Of Sacrum Of Agra Region
Mishra, S.R.; Singh, P.J.; Agrawal, A.K., Gupta, R.N.
Department of Anatomy, S.N. Medical College Society, Agra U.P. INDIA

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